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Where Were You During the Big Data Revolution?
It’s no secret that quite a few shopping malls have...

Death-Defying Funeral Homes Offer a Lesson
Is your event delivering a better customer experience than a...

Virtual Reality Tech Has the Potential to Enhance and Disrupt
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7 Social Media Habits of Large Shows
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Executive Resolution: Rethink Every “Best Practice”
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9 Ways to Get Exhibitors to Help Carry the Marketing Load
Not so long ago, attracting attendees depended to a large...

Go Beyond Demographics to Prove Exhibitor ROI
Proving ROI to exhibitors and sponsors is consistently one of...

2016 Profit Expectations Blunted but Bullish
We can’t think of a better measure of the event...

Race to Launch: Independents Lead Associations
A sure sign of rising confidence in the economy is...
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