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Large Show Roundtable


Keynote: Learning and Education in the Experiential Age: Lessons for Large Shows

August 22, 2019

As shows adapt to changing market expectations, they must reflect the expectations that attendees draw from their choice-laden, yet time-constrained lives. In the case of learning and education at shows, attendees seek a shift away from traditional speaker-driven presentations toward engagements that combine the experiential with the intellectual, the personal with the collaborative, and the physical world with the digital world.  Taking inspiration from examples both inside and out of our industry, we will discuss several best practices that allow large show organizers to take cutting-edge learning and education activations from concept to reality throughout their show.
Central Takeaways:

  • Principles for developing engaging learning and education.
  • Best practices for integrating new learning and thinking in large shows.
  • Concrete examples of where it has worked both in and outside of our industry.


Arjun Chakravarti, SVP Analytics Solutions and Insights - GES
Chuck Grouzard, EVP, U.S. Exhibition Sales - GES