ECEF 2024 - program page

ECEF 2024 - program page


KEYNOTE - Unlocking Innovation & Fostering an Ecosystem: How One Show Helped Transform a City

29 May 2024

Join us for an inspiring session with Melissa Medina, the co-founder of eMerge Americas, as she takes us on a captivating journey of dreaming big. Through Melissa's transformative storytelling, we'll uncover the key takeaways from the inaugural event that shaped the future trajectory of eMerge and Miami as a tech hub. Prepare to be both impressed and intrigued as she unveils the evolution of eMerge over a decade, proving that it is much more than just an event. Discover how eMerge's year-round efforts and engagement have elevated Miami's tech scene to new heights, culminating in Miami Tech Month. She’ll give a glimpse into what the future holds for eMerge Americas, and how her vision extends beyond eMerge with her latest venture. Melissa's story proves that as a show grows more successful it can also do more to improve the lives of countless others.

Melissa Medina, Co-founder, CEO & President - eMerge Americas