ECEF 2023

ECEF 2023


The Innovators Have Arrived and Customers are Delighted

31 May 2023

If your customers are not getting what they need from your event, you're handing an opportunity to a company like Connectiv Holdings. CEO Jay Weintraub's approach is sometimes described as disruptive. The fact is he is one of a new breed of innovators who are unafraid to compete with established events. Jay discusses his methods and explores how he is rooting out the inefficiencies of tired or neglected traditional B2B events. Join him and Courtney Muller, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Connectiv, (and President of Manifest) for a conversation that will inspire you to reinvent and reinvigorate.


Courtney Muller, Chief Corporate Development Officer - Connectiv Holdings
Jay Weintraub, Chief Executive Officer - Connectiv Holdings