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February 23, 2023

VA Tech Executive Briefing Center
Arlington, VA




June 22, 2023

Chicago, IL

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September 28, 2023

VA Tech Executive Briefing Center
Arlington, VA

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  • Exchange Best Practices — If there’s a way to increase exhibit and sponsorship sales, your peers will share it at ESR.
  • Learn Innovative Tactics — Discover fresh techniques to get call-backs, boost renewals, sell up, and close successfully.
  • Immediate Results — Your entire sales team will benefit from ideas that they can put to work right away.
  • Overcome Objections — Trust a roomful of experienced sales professionals to resolve your biggest challenges.
  • Sharpen Your Thinking — Hone your sales chops in the company of fast-thinking professionals.
  • Refresh and Recharge — Come away energized, inspired, and ready for action.


  • Intensive Networking — Make valuable, lasting career contacts. Join a circle of forward-thinking professionals you can look to for advice.
  • Small Group Bonding — No more than 25 exhibit and sponsorship sales professionals from associations and independent organizers will be accepted.
  • Qualified Professionals Only — To guarantee productivity and value, attendance is limited to qualified executives, managers, and professionals in exhibit and sponsorship sales and service.


  • Expert Insights: Interactive Session — Get a fresh perspective on persistent challenges when a noted expert shares important insights. Get answers on the spot during this fast-paced, interactive session.
  • Resource Book — A reference you’ll look to again and again, the Exhibit Sales Roundtable Resource Book contains essential information from experts on how to improve market research, space and sponsorship marketing, pavilions and packages, space draws, exhibitor loyalty, and more.
  • Fresh Sponsorship Ideas — Every ESR turns up unique and different sponsorship ideas that will excite your customers and prospects.
  • Customized to Your Needs — A pre-event survey identifies every registrant’s specific challenges, questions, and expectations.  The data are aggregated, interpreted, and organically folded into group discussions and activities.
  • Organized, Spontaneous, and Responsive — An agenda is shaped to accommodate the individual learning needs of the group. Introductions, breaks, lunch, discussions and exercises are engineered to leverage group dynamics and encourage creative connections.
  • Earn CEM Hours and CAE Credits — Earn 6.0 hours toward IAEE CEM recertification and 6.5 CAE application or renewal credits.
  • One-Day Program — It only takes one new idea to profit your event and your career.  ESR delivers a full day of profitable ideas.


  • Runs on Schedule — Like all Lippman Connects events, ESR runs — and ends — on schedule. Count on it.
  • Facilitation by Sam Lippman — In addition to his more than three decades of exhibition industry expertise, Sam is a credentialed facilitator.
  • Customer Satisfaction — In post-event surveys, clients are unanimous: ESR delivers value.


  • $375 — add an associate for $275.


What to Expect




  1. Take away the Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales Survey jointly produced by Lippman Connects and EVOLIO Marketing for ESR. In this session, Joe Federbush, President, EVOLIO Marketing, will explore the major findings.
  2. Every innovation somehow finds its way into the events business sooner or later. Artificial Inteligence (AI) will be no different. More importantly, it is on its way to disrupting exhibit and sponsorship sales forever. Tech entrepreneur and proud "tech geek who speaks English" Rich Stone will get you thinking about the vast array of new services you will be able to offer, and how the day-to-day processes you take for granted will be re-invented for the better.
  3. Your exhibitors and customers are back! Yet, many of the market leaders are still maintaining a strong presence in alternative marketing platforms. How should this competition for marketing dollars affect how you position your event and communicate with customers?
  4. Make valuable career connections with exhibit and sponsorship sales peers and experts.
  5. Surprisingly, questions about your prospects' business and product are not the most important ones. And unless you learn what your prospects need, enumerating features and benefits is meaningless. Explore the four categories of effective sales questions when exhibit sales legend Dan Cole shares field-tested insights. Here are some of the take aways from this lively interactive session.

    • To get meaningful information about the prospect, you have to know what's meaningful.
    • Don't ask the wrong questions — find out which ones are wrong.
    • Discover which categories of questions are favored by the most successful salespeople.
    • To hone your selling IQ, focus on your problem-solving EQ.
    • Asking for the sale is an earned privilege. The questions you ask — as well as how and why — determine whether you'll be extended that privilege.
  6. Attrition is a perpetual threat that recent business conditions only made worse. Where are you going to find tomorrow’s exhibitors and sponsors?

  7. Fresh sponsorship opportunities are the ideal way to restart a conversation and get a bigger share of the marketing budget.

  8. The information exchange is fast and furious when every team member gets a chance to share top takeaways that will enhance their sales practices and decision-making.
  9. Exhibit Sales Roundtable starts and ends on time. You can set your clock to it.


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  • The Exhibit Sales Roundtable (ESR) was an excellent experience. I networked with peers, shared opportunities and challenges, learned tips and tricks that I can implement immediately and as part of a long-term strategy. I recommend ESR for anybody involved in exhibit or sponsorship sales.
    Wendy Loew
    Group Show Director - Questex Media
  • This data validates the importance of a professional sales program because exhibit and sponsorship budgets are under more scrutiny than ever … both at the division and corporate levels.
    Ron Akins
    Senior Vice President, E.J. Krause & Associates
  • I picked-up an idea at the Exhibit Sales Roundtable – selling sponsorship of the venue’s WIFI – that’s added $75,000 per sales cycle to our bottom line. To learn more revenue producing ideas, staff from my department will attend at least one Exhibit Sales Roundtable each year.
    Robert McFarland
    Vice President Sales, Reed Exhibitions
  • At the Exhibit Sales Roundtable, I gained several new solutions that I can immediately implement to increase exhibit sales and upsell sponsors. It was a valuable experience because of the productive networking and open and enthusiastic discussions! I look forward to attending a future ESR!
    Grace Cular Yee
    Director of Sales, Food Processing Suppliers Association/PROCESS EXPO
  • I’ve attended previous Lippman Connects’ events, so I knew the networking and content would be great at the Exhibit Sales Roundtable. I’ve been in sales for a long time, but I’m returning to the office with new ideas that I will put to use.
    Dan Cole
    Vice President, Sales, Consumer Electronics Association