Large Show Roundtable

Large Show Roundtable


Keynote - Your Show’s Carbon Footprint: Grab the Advantage or Fall Behind

18 Apr 2024

Are you prepared for the day an anchor exhibitor says your show’s carbon footprint will impact their future participation? It could be tomorrow. Increasingly corporate carbon budgets are going to take aim at the sustainability of your event, and specifically its carbon footprint.

We know from the pandemic crisis, that getting behind the curve forfeits the powerful advantages of preparedness and flexibility. This goal has probably not been on your front burner, but for the future viability of your event now is the right moment to progress to net zero carbon.

With the expert insights from Glenn Hansen, Founder and CEO of Reduce 2, Saving the Planet by Degree; Ryan Green, Manager of Strategic Supply & Sustainability, GES; and Katerina Chagoya, PhD, Sustainability Coordinator, Facility Operations, Orange County Convention Center, we’ll discuss how to get started and the resources available to you:

  • How to create a baseline of your show’s Scope 3 GHG; what data needs to be collected.
  • Partnering with your venue, destination, contractors, attendees, speakers, and exhibitors/sponsors to get it done.
  • Learn what EDPA and ESCA are doing to aid your journey.
  • Best practices from Sustainability Masters.
Glenn Hansen, Founder & CEO - Reduce 2, Saving the Planet by Degree
Ryan Green, LEED AP, SEPC, Manager of Strategic Supply & Sustainability - GES
Katerina Chagoya, PhD, Sustainability Coordinator, Facility Operations - Orange County Convention Center