Large Show Roundtable

Large Show Roundtable


APRIL 17 - Creating Connections Welcome Reception and Dinner

17 Apr 2024

The family dinner. A tradition of coming together to share a meal that creates memories and builds lasting connections. And a unique, interactiveCreating Connections Dinner experience at Hyatt Regency Orlando to kick off productive networking – a tradition at the Large Show Roundtable.

At the Large Show Roundtable Welcome Reception/Dinner we will feel like we’re in someone’s home.

It all begins with a welcome and instructions from one of Hyatt’s award-winning chefs. Table mates quickly get to know one another as they serve each other. Everyone will participate - selecting wine, creating a bread basket, tossing and plating the salad or carving the meat course. Servers will bring out platters of starch, vegetables and composed entrées, and clear each table as well. We will help with dessert duty – bringing select sweets to bring back to our table, as servers offer coffee and tea.