07 May 2023

Introducing: The world's best incrementalists

US-based live events studio Connectiv Holdings CEO Jay Weintraub and Courtney Muller, chief corporate development officer, Connectiv, (and president of Manifest) have a different perspective on business events. Weintraub began: “Many of our events bring people together to change the status quo and facilitate innovation within their industries. I don't know if I would call us disruptors. In some ways, we are the world's best incrementalists.”

While speaking with Jay and Courtney, who will take the stage at the Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF) in Washington, DC, 31 May, their passion is clear: Make everyone at their events feel special, through the connections they make, exposure to industry innovations, educational offerings – right down to the types of food and drink they serve.

Muller said: “Our events start with content and people. The show teams scour the news, finding the innovators in the industries we serve. We identify the right people to bring in, which brings in more of the right people who want to meet each other. We treat attendees well and make our events easy as possible to attend.  These details include comfortable places to sit, great food, and programming after-hour events. Another differentiator is using beacons on badges which allow attendees to easily connect with one another. The tech is cool, unexpected and efficient.”

Weintraub said: “Our events feature high production value. When you walk into the keynote room, it's unique, upscale, and exciting, no matter how ‘dry' the industry may seem. Connectiv events along with Manifest is where high-level attendees learn new things, trends, and spur on innovation within their industries. The people they meet, and conversations had at our shows that don't happen anywhere else.

“The goal when people leave our events is to feel excited to be in their chosen industry and feel great about what they do. It's important to us that the people choose coming to our events over staying in the office. We want to ensure it's a good use of their time.

“Attendees and sponsors leave Connectiv shows and Manifest feeling energised. Events always include start-ups (who may be sponsored with free attendance and travel expenses), and investors, as well as industry stalwarts.

“We aren't afraid to take on the traditional way of running events, but that's not our reason for existing. We are here to serve our industries.  Think of it as customer engagement and service for all – on steroids.”

Muller summed up: “We are like farmers, planting, nurturing and growing crops in our industries. We try to maximise the experience, not optimise profits.”

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