13 Jun 2017

SHOW DESIGN: To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt? — Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

“Disruption” was the buzzword at the Show & Exhibit Design off-site session at the Javits Center. But while the term is so ubiquitous it can seem like empty rhetoric, speakers and participants drilled down into the specifics on how disruption can be achieved, giving attendees practical ideas behind the abstract concept.

The speakers — Grass Roots Meetings & Events Managing Director Howard Givner, Expotechnik Executive Vice President Thomas Frisby, and Lippman Connects Founder Sam Lippman — kicked off the session with a 20-minute introduction. Givner presented on “Improving Exhibitor and Attendee ROI,” Frisby’s introduction focused on “Design Thinking,” and Lippman chose “Designing a More Engaging Show Plan” as his topic.

Attendees also broke into groups for deep dives into the three topics, with participants and speakers collaborating through shared anecdotes and answering one another’s questions. Attendees reconvened at the main stage for a final wrap-up, where main takeaways from each breakout session were presented to the group at large. One of the main takeaways regarding disruption? Don’t “disrupt” for the sake of disrupting.

Lippman phrased it more directly: “If you don’t have a strategic reason to do it — don’t.”