Press Releases

Press Releases

21 Feb 2024

Corporate Carbon Budgets Are Taking Aim at Large Shows

LSR Keynoter Glenn Hansen Explains How to Turn the Threat to Your Advantage

ARLINGTON, VA—February 21, 2024—Corporations are saying the sustainability profiles of shows, as well as their own exhibiting footprints, will impact their future investments. The largest shows where they have the largest presence will be targeted first.

The key question will be, “What’s your show’s carbon footprint.” Answering that question is not simple. Getting started is not hard either with insights from the keynote address at the Large Show Roundtable (LSR).

On April 18, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Glenn Hansen, Founder and CEO of Reduce 2, will explain how to get the ball rolling using readily available resources. Hansen’s keynote will include these takeaways:

  • How to create a baseline of your show’s Scope 3 GHG; what data needs to be collected.
  • Partnering with your venue, destination, contractors, attendees, speakers, and exhibitors/sponsors to get it done.
  • Learn what EDPA and ESCA are doing to aid your journey.
  • Best practices from Sustainability Masters.

“If you seize this moment to progress to net zero carbon, you will do more than just have the right answer at the right time. You will earn trust and a significant selling advantage,” said Hansen.

Glenn will be joined by two sustainability experts from GES, Marianne Szczech, EVP, Marketing and Service, and Ryan Green, Manager of Strategic Supply & Sustainability.

“Glenn, Marianne, and Ryan bring a positive message that a carbon reduction program is not only achievable now, but also very much worth achieving now. Large shows must stay ahead of the curve,” added Sam Lippman, President of Lippman Connects, organizer of LSR.