Press Releases

Press Releases

13 Mar 2024

ECEF 2024 Keynote: How One Show Transformed a City

Melissa Medina, Co-founder of eMerge Americas, Takes the Stage May 29, Washington DC

ARLINGTON, VA—March 13, 2024—First, toss out your preconceptions if you want to comprehend how the eMerge Americas show became a powerful engine of Miami’s technology economy. Fortunately, exhibition and convention executives who attend ECEF 2024 can hear the compelling and inspiring story of innovation, hard work, and civic-minded collaboration directly from Co-founder Melissa Medina. The Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF) will be held on May 29 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington D.C.

Also holding the titles CEO and President, Melissa Medina will take the ECEF audience on a captivating journey of dreaming big when she delivers the Keynote Address: Unlocking Innovation & Fostering an Ecosystem: How One Show Helped Transform a City.

Her story will uncover the key takeaways from the inaugural event that shaped the future trajectory of eMerge and Miami as a tech hub. Prepare to be both impressed and intrigued as she unveils the evolution of eMerge over a decade, proving that it is much more than just an event. Discover how eMerge's year-round efforts and engagement have elevated Miami's tech scene to new heights, culminating in Miami Tech Month. She’ll give a glimpse into what the future holds for eMerge Americas, and how her vision extends beyond eMerge with her latest venture.

Sam Lippman, President of Lippman Connects, said, “Melissa's story proves that as a show grows more successful it can also do more to improve the lives of countless others. We all know that good business and altruism can go together. Melissa has taken it one step further, and it’s a story well worth hearing.”