Press Releases

Press Releases

18 Apr 2023

Event Leaders Coming to ECEF TECHDEMO for Executive-friendly Info

ARLINGTON, VA - The 22nd annual Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF) will also be the 6th annual TechDemo, featuring event-ready technology demonstrations geared to non-tech executives. ECEF will be held at the Grand Hyatt in Washington D.C. on May 31, 2023.

"As soon as technologists started talking about digital transformation, we launched the ECEF TechDemo. We understood that the leadership community of ECEF would value plain talk about real world solutions. It quickly became an essential part of the ECEF experience," said Sam Lippman, President of Lippman Connects, producer of ECEF.

"One unique aspect of TechDemo that appeals to decisionmakers is that you can talk tech and talk top-to-top because the vendors' executives are on hand too," Lippman added.

The 2023 edition of the ECEF TechDemo will feature best-of-breed solutions from these innovators:
  • 42Chat
  • ASP
  • Bear Analytics
  • Cadmium
  • CNTV
  • Encore
  • Map Your Show
  • Maritz Global Events
  • mdg, A Freeman Company
  • Sessionboard
  • Sherpa
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