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Press Releases

16 Dec 2021

Lippman Connects and Evolio Marketing Launch 2022 Research Series

ARLINGTON, VA — For more than half a decade, Lippman Connects has been benchmarking event industry performance criteria in conjunction with its Roundtable series: Attendee Acquisition Roundtable (AAR), Exhibit Sales Roundtable (ESR), and Large Show Roundtable (LSR). Pledging to continue this important initiative on behalf of Roundtable clients and the exhibition and convention industry, Lippman Connects and EVOLIO Marketing have announced they will jointly conduct specialized research in conjunction with the eight Roundtables planned for 2022.

“Many alumni of past Roundtables already know EVOLIO Marketing CEO Joe Federbush as a subject-matter expert. Roundtable participants will be well-served by this research series,” said Sam Lippman, President, Lippman Connects. “When Lippman Connects first collaborated with EVOLIO Marketing on research this past summer, it became clear that we shared an interest in digging deeper for fresh insights. This agreement will make that shared vision a reality,” added Federbush.

EVOLIO Marketing will be the exclusive market research sponsor of all eight Roundtables, including:
  • ESR, February 17, Arlington, VA (DC Metro)
  • AAR, March 10, Arlington, VA
  • LSR, April 7, Las Vegas, NV
  • ESR, June 30, Chicago, IL
  • AAR, July 28, Chicago, IL
  • LSR, Summer (To Be Announced)
  • ESR, September 29, Arlington, VA
  • AAR, October 27, Arlington, VA
The surveys will explore current industry challenges, attendee acquisition and retention, exhibit and sponsorship sales and service, and the unique demographic of shows across various industries and sizes. Every 2022 Roundtable attendee will receive a complimentary copy of the relevant survey results, as well as a live, interactive briefing by Federbush.

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