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Press Releases

17 Apr 2018

New ECEF TechDemo & Reception to Feature 10 Innovative Event Platforms

New ECEF TechDemo & Reception to Feature 10 Innovative Event Platforms

Next month’s Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum (ECEF) will be offering something extra special for its audience of 200 event executives: the ECEF TechDemo & Reception.

Set to debut May 30 at the 17thannual edition of ECEF at the JW Marriott in Washington D.C., the inaugural technology and networking experience will offer hands-on demonstrations of 10 event tech solutions that will allow participants to take these leading-edge solutions for a test drive.

“As event technologies advance and proliferate at a breakneck pace, it is critical for technologists, non-tech executives and solutions providers to understand each other’s capabilities and priorities,” explained Sam Lippman, president of Lippman Connects, which produces ECEF.

He continued, “Immediately following the closing keynote address, industry leaders will participate in a new technology and networking experience that aims to bridge the divide between the business and technology of events. The TechDemo will offer hands-on demonstrations of 10 real-world solutions that organizers can implement immediately.” 

The featured solutions at TechDemo will include:

a2z: Secure and PCI-compliant, with integrated web and mobile solutions, this platform helps streamline, manage and promote events. Organizers can harness smart, easy-to-use technology to significantly accelerate exhibit and sponsorship sales, as well as access multi-year, multi-dimensional reports to conduct in-depth analyses of the performance of an entire event portfolio. 

Feathr: A digital platform that helps events and associations acquire customers, generate referrals and create digital sponsorship revenue. 


  • Conference Solutions: Manages event content from beginning to end via an integrated suite of delivery products that provide ways to create, engage and deploy content, as well as extend the life of an event. 
  • Interactive Technology: Increases attendee engagement and creates unique experiences through innovative collaborative solutions including augmented, virtual and mixed reality, high-end touchscreen activations, gesture or motion-based activations, and interactive chatbots. 
  • Event Growth & Execution: Helps accelerate event growth, create and sell sponsorship opportunities and manages an event floor plan efficiently while increasing booth sales.
  • Fuzion by Freeman: An open product ecosystem that acts as a foundation to connect digital solutions. Fuzion solves industry-wide integration challenges, creating a seamless experience for event organizers and attendees. 

Map Your Show: 

  • Integrated Directory Floor Plan & Search: Helps deliver all the information attendees are looking for at an event. 
  • MYS Booth Sales: Empowers exhibitors to select booths or show organizers to make assignments on their own, with the added ability to collect payments, digital signatures and more to accelerate sales. 
  • Conference Management: Controls the submission and approval process for all sessions and events. Easily create, collect and manage conference data, and watch it grow into a front-end directory. 
  • MYS Mobile App: An onsite extension with features and functionality that can be used without an internet connection. 

mdg: Enables show organizers to cost-effectively employ tactics to increase event attendance, with full-stack campaigns that feature tools such as geotargeting, influencer-driven marketing, SEM, SEO, InGo, Feathr, video, email, website, and paid and organic social to nurture leads through the event cycle and drive registration. 

PSAV: PSAV’s event production arm, Premier Global Events (PGE), will showcase its scope of work including large-scale Production, Meetings (ICWs), Exhibits, and Creative and Digital services. Each business vertical offers a collection of audio-visual tools designed to connect, engage and inspire. 

VIBE: A 360-degree program, managed end-to-end by the VIBE team on behalf of an organization, which is designed to match and bring together qualified buyers and sellers in a managed environment. Besides incorporating personalization features and white-glove service, VIBE works to strengthen event participants’ long-term connection and engagement with brands.