01 Jun 2022

140-Year-Old Startup - Debbie Holton

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Debbie Holton, President - Metrix Connect LLC, an ASME company

When a globally respected standards development organization decides that accelerating digital transformation is the best way to serve their constituents, that's called disruption. In September 2021, ASME formed a startup — Metrix Connect, an ASME company — evolving their business model in order to anticipate customers’ future needs. Metrix, a "marketplace company" will host an integrated events and content platform. Building intelligent connections between buyers and sellers is responding to the way people want to connect and consume knowledge in the new world.

Key Takeaways: Explore the potential of a ‘startup culture’ in a legacy organization. Hear how a virtual event pivot became a permanent value. Pragmatic approach to keeping an agile mindset.

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