29 May 2024

Begin with People: Designing the Event of the Future, Christine Kiesling & Erin Uritus - ECEF 2024

If events are all about people, why do organizers so often neglect the human factor in event planning? Christine Kiesling, Vice President, Customer Experience, Hargrove from Encore and Erin Uritus, CEO, Out & Equal will bring the results of proprietary research that points to a better way to create meaningful event experiences for attendees. Encore partnered with global independent consultant Kantar, to conduct rich multi-layered research among key cohorts.

Here is what they learned:

  • Changes at macro and micro levels in the events industry are affecting how people view the value of their time spent.
  • Subsequent behavior shifts need to be understood and considered, taking the “human factor” into the center of the event design process.
  • As we think about People, Technology and the Environment, we must consider how we create experiences that put people first to create meaningful (not just memorable) experiences.
  • When we think about the human factor, the areas of key focus within the exhibitions and conventions include Designing for Belonging, Accessibility, and the use of “in between space”, and the Attendee Journey within a space.
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