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ECEF 2017 Research & Reports

  • CEIR: Highlights of Key Industry Reports
  • 2017 ECEF Pulse Research Executive Summary – by Lippman Connects & Exhibit Surveys
  • Freeman — Insights: Designing Your Metrics Road Map

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ECEF 2016 Presentation Videos

  • Sam Lippman - 15 Years of ECEF
  • Karen Chupka - Opening Keynote
  • Frank Supovitz - Closing Keynote
  • Randal Acker & Panel - Our Exhibitors Speak
  • Rob Mesirow - Metadata into Revenue
  • Sam Lippman - Attendee Acquisition Data
  • Galen Poss & Panel - Agenda 2018: New Event Realities
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ECEF 2016 Presentation Slides

  • Karen Chupka -Opening Keynote
  • Frank Supovitz - Closing Keynote
  • Randal Acker & Panel -Our Exhibitors Speak
  • Sam Lippman -Attendee Acquisition Research

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ECEF 2016 Research & Reports

  • Pulse Survey - Executive Summary, by Lippman Connects and Exhibit Surveys
  • Exhibit Surveys - The Holistic View
  • CEIR Key Industry Trends
  • Lippman Connects - 2016 Roundtable Research Collection

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White Papers

  • 2015 ECEF Pulse by Exhibit Surveys (Executive Summary also available)
  • Highlights of Key Industry Trends based on CEIR Research by CEIR
  • Event Analytics by Jeff Stanley, Exhibit Surveys
  • Roundtables Research Collection by Exhibit Surveys and Lippman Connect

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  • Sponsorship — Findings from the Exhibit Sales Roundtable - How to help sponsors and increase their return on investment (4/24/2015)
  • Executive Summary: Issues and Trends in Exhibit Space and Sponsorship Sales Fall 2014 produced by Exhibit Surveys and Lippman Connects (10/16/2014) 
  • Using Metrics to Identify Opportunities, Trends and Challenges - Provided by Dan Cole, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Consumer Electronics Association (12/6/2013)
  • Executive Summary: Exhibitor and Sponsorship Sales Metrics and Practices Study Fall 2013 produced by Exhibit Surveys and Lippman Connects (10/25/2013)

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  • Executive Summary: Large Show Report 2016 - produced by Lippman Connects and Exhibit Surveys.
  • Executive Summary: Large Show Report 2015- produced by Lippman Connects and Exhibit Surveys.
  • Using Events to Amplify Your Value Proposition Presented by Ira Gleser, President, Amplify Marketing Communications (4/24/2014) LSR Atlanta Breakfast Speaker
  • Executive Summary: Large Show Practices Study Executive Report - Spring 2014 produced by Exhibit Surveys and Lippman Connects (4/25/2014)
  • Using Measurement to Improve Your Event Presented by Shannon Rosenberg, Director ethnoMetrics (1/9/2014) LSR Dallas 2014 Breakfast Speaker
  • The Turnstile: Turning Trade Shows Social Presented by Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer (6/27/2013) LSR June 2013 Breakfast Speaker
  • What's Your Profit Margin? Financial Benchmarks for the Top 20 Association Show Presented by Trade Show Executive (2/7/13)

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