23 Aug 2018

Lippman Connect Reports Exhibit Sales Revenue Growth Hits 4-Year High

A record 72 percent of responding event organizers reported a rise in exhibit space sales revenue from their most recent event. That tops a trend of strong space sales revenue performances over the previous four-year period. That’s just one of the major findings in 2018 Benchmarks & Trends in Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales, conducted in conjunction with Exhibit Sales Roundtable (ESR).

Only 15 percent saw a decline in exhibit sales revenue, and 13 percent reported no change. Nearly half (47%) of respondents attributed the growth to a more aggressive sales effort.

In a parallel finding, two out of three (66%) reported a rise in sponsorship revenues from their most recent event, topping a three-year growth trend. Only 8 percent report declining revenue, and 20 percent report no change. Consistent with previous years’ findings, new offerings is the reason cited most frequently for sponsorship revenue growth.

“The rising level of professionalism among event sales professionals is paying steep dividends for organizers making the investment,” observed Sam Lippman, President, Lippman Connects. The research is conducted annually by Lippman Connects, Freeman, and Trade Show Executive. Lippman Connects is the producer of ESR.

A 2-page Executive Summary of the study is available for download at The full 31-page study is complimentary to ESR clients or $345 from Lippman Connects at 703-979-4904.

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