24 Mar 2017

New Study Shows Sponsorship and Exhibit Space Sales Still on the Rise

Arlington, Va. – A new study released today at the Exhibit Sales Roundtable in Washington, D.C. indicates that sponsorship and exhibit space sales are still growing. In fact, the 2017 Benchmarks & Trends in Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales report reveals that 65% of organizers reported year over year growth in exhibit space sales while 61% reported sponsorship sales growth over the same period. According to the study, just 14% saw a drop in exhibit sales while 17% indicated a dip in sponsorship sales.

Sam Lippman, President of Lippman Connects, attributed the positive results to sales professionals doing a better job of listening to and responding to customer needs. “They are being rewarded with stronger relationships and bigger sales,” he said in an exclusive press release issued today. The research is conducted annually by Lippman Connects, Exhibit Surveys, and Trade Show Executive. Lippman Connects is the producer of ESR.

The one-day workshop, sponsored by Exhibit Surveys, EXPOCAD, Feathr, Freeman, Marketing Design Group (MDG) and Trade Show Executive, focuses on best practices, sales tactics and take-aways from recent research, all geared to a high-level audience of trade show professionals.

Attendees at the Roundtable received a copy of the 35-page study, as will attendees at other upcoming Exhibit Sales Roundtables set for July in Chicago and October in Washington, D.C. A two-page Executive Summary will be available to download at

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