Midsize Show Roundtable

Midsize Show Roundtable

14 Nov 2023
  1. Pittsburgh welcomes you to MSR with a festive evening of fun and innovation at the Energy Innovation Center. The event will include a cocktail hour, a guided tour of the facility and dinner overlooking some of the most spectacular views of Pittsburgh!
15 Nov 2023
  1. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) generates vast amounts of data to help shows of every size do a better job of forward planning. If only you had the time, staff, or resources to dig for the treasures relevant to your midsize show. You're in luck! Nancy Drapeau, Vice President of Research for CEIR, has done the digging and is bringing the treasure to MSR. Nancy and SpaceCom Executive Director Ryan Brown will explain how they work together to translate research into action. Discover how your midsize show can tap into this valuable resource to make better decisions in sales, marketing, operations, technology, and strategic management.  And when you're ready for more data-driven insights, you'll know where to look, what to look for, and whom to ask for guidance. 

    Key takeaways include:

    • Use CEIR Index sector benchmarks to help direct planning.
    • Use new and emerging attendance drivers to shape more cost-efficient marketing campaigns.
    • Access data-centric sales insights that will boost performance for the entire sales team.
  2. AI, Chat GPT, and Dall-E Oh My!
    Rich Stone, CEO, EXPOCAD
  3. Midsize shows are achieving spectacular results with limited attendee acquisition resources. MSR clients will exchange the field-tested tactics that are raising response rates, reducing attrition, and delivering more qualified attendees.
  4. Major findings of cross-discipline proprietary research by Lippman Connects and Evolio Marketing are presented and explained. 
  5. Architects and visual thinkers tap into creativity and innovation through an approach known as Design Thinking. Here's how you can use the same principles to unleash innovation and creative solutions at every level of your organization. Tony Petrucci, Vice President, Head of Creative + Design at GES, will demonstrate in detail how to reframe and strengthen the relationship between brands and customers. The discussion will highlight easy-to-implement methods and real-world examples to help you quickly inject Design Thinking into an existing creative process.  See for yourself how the output of work will drastically improve by using Design Thinking -- and why.


    1. Discover a powerful way to work more efficiently and creatively with other teams and vendors.
    2. Share insights with the team on design, creative approach, and experiences,
    3. Provide thought leadership to your organization on Design Thinking and related topics.
    4. Highlight the importance of evolving your work using strategy, human behavior, and insights.
    5. Embrace the importance of prototyping and concepting.
  6. Lippman Connects has a well-deserved reputation for starting and ending on time.