Attendee Acquisition Roundtable

Attendee Acquisition Roundtable

  1. Receive a top-line briefing of the major findings of recent Attendee Acquisition research.

  2. Jennifer Bumbalo, Regional Director of Sales, VisitDallas
  3. Make valuable connections with marketing professionals and experts.

  4. You already know that integrating influencer marketing into an attendee acquisition campaign can boost awareness, extend reach and create authentic, genuine connections between an event and prospective new audiences. But many marketers are still wary of taking the leap. This interactive session will walk you through how to fully harness the potential of this hot-hot-hot tactic. Sara Fellows, mdg’s Director of Social Media, will share how to create and execute a comprehensive influencer marketing plan – from identifying the right partners, to nurturing relationships, to measuring and reporting results.

  5. Joe Colangelo, Co-Founder & CEO, Bear Analytics
  6. Breakout sessions on a hot topic will be followed by sharing key takeaways.
  7. The information exchange accelerates to a furious pace when the team shares takeaways.

  8. Adjourn
    Attendee Acquisition Roundtable starts and ends on time. You can set your clock to it.