Attendee Acquisition Roundtable

Attendee Acquisition Roundtable

  1. Receive a top-line briefing of the major findings of recent Attendee Acquisition research.

  2. Kristin Delahunt, Vice President, Convention Services, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

  3. Make valuable connections with marketing professionals and experts.

  4. This fast-paced session will immerse you in fresh insights you can't afford to ignore, covering everything from strategic planning to creative and tactical execution. Take away insights that will influence the way you plan your next event, the channels you use to promote it, and messages that will move prospects through the awareness-to-conversion funnel. Two expert marketers from mdg, President and Chief Marketing Strategist Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes and VP Caitlin Fox, will share how the new realities can be translated into action for events of any size or type. 

  5. Breakout sessions on a hot topic will be followed by sharing key takeaways.
  6. The information exchange accelerates to a furious pace when the team shares takeaways.

  7. Adjourn
    Attendee Acquisition Roundtable starts and ends on time. You can set your clock to it.